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Rent of an aircraft and VIP charter

MirFlight company is an experienced air transport company, which is working in a field of business aviation for many years. We have many satisfied customers, both private VIP people and companies. We can organize for you everything from a single flight to an avia tour.

Trip Requests:  
phone: +7 (985) 410-63-03  
phone: +7 (965) 129-66-96  
phone: +7 (495) 638-54-01  
(VIP) чартер
грузовые VIP
авиа ТАКСИ

Заказ самолета:

Круглосуточный заказ самолета по телефонам:
+7 (985) 410-63-03;
+7 (965) 129-66-96 ;
+7 (495) 638-54-01
или в рабочее время по телефонам:
+7 (499) 267-30-06;
+7 (499) 263-08-10.
  Rent of personal aircraft allows you to do what you do best: to concentrate on your business and let us worry about your logistics. It allows you to relax before an important meeting, to arrange your own itenerary, make sure your travel plans stay confidential. In short it allows you to travel Your way. Rent of aircraft also allows you to organize the corporate tour only for your company.  
  MirFlight is specializing in the following services:  
vip чартер Organization and Operation of VIP charter flights on business class aircrafts in Russia as well as around the world according to your needs, your schedule and itenerary. We can arrange a plane ready for you with a lead time as small as just several hours;  
Organization of an excellent food service while you are in flight according to your preferences. We can even provide food service from a restaurant of your choice;  
VIP lounge access in the airports of arrival and departure and fast passage through customs and immigrations;  
Consulting services and help in choosing and purchasing Russian as well as foreign made aircraft. We can also operate your aircraft for you;  
Medical Aviation services. Urgent organization of medical evacuation services;  
Luxury family travel with family oriented VIP services such as kids activities and kids meal onboard;  
Full confidentiality - заказ самолета и аренда самолета под семейный отдых
in everything including the fact of aircraft rent, itinerary, personal information;
We provide helicopter rent services for whatever needs you may have. We can provide helicopters for scenic flights, hunting, fishing, aero photo and video services or corporate events;  
Cargo flights We have a lot of experience in aviation business as well a lot of partners in the industry, so our company can offer you aero transportation of any standard or non-standard cargo;  
AviaTaxi AviaTaxi are short notice flights on four to eight seat aircraft with distance up to 1000 kilometers. In contrast to renting VIP charter, aviataxi is using small and economical aircraft which makes a flight way less expensive and also allows reserving the flight on much shorter notice (even less than 3 hours in advance). This makes such a service affordable and economically sound.  
  заказ самолета
бизнес авиация деловая авиация
  Личный самолет - средство передвижения.
Российский рынок бизнес авиации набирает обороты. 0б этом свидетельствуют не только обороты корпораций, но и положение на рынке деловой авиации, в последние два-три года переживающем настоящий бум...
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  Планируется модернизация Falcon 200EX.
На самолетах деловой авиации класса vip чартерах будут установлены «крылишки Уиткомба», которые позволят сократить расход топлива и увеличить дальность полета. Модернизация будет проведена в конце этого года.
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Trip Requests:  
phone: +7 (985) 410-63-03  
phone: +7 (965) 129-66-96  
phone: +7 (495) 638-54-01